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Advertise effectively with our Restaurant and bar campaign

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You own a business and are looking for an extraordinary marketing campaign to win new customers? You want to reach your target audience in the most efficient way? Put your advertisement on the bottleflag to make it possible! We make it possible for you to inform potential customers about your current offers in their spare time in a relaxing athmosphere. With our bottleflags and loopys you can advertise in restaurants, bars and hotels or wherever you target market spends a lot of time.

Your benefits:
  • Germany-wide distribution network in the catering
  • 20000-750000 possible contacts with your target group
  • a coordinated design for your target audience
  • bookable in high-quality materials
  • fast delivery: Reach about 4-6 weeks from print approval your target group
  • Success is measurable - for example, by lottery, by means of QR Code etc.
  • Successful Multimedia Marketing by forwarding your potential customers to your social media appearances, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as to your website
With our Bottleflag, the drinking straw Loopy and Bottle Loopy you can reach customers wherever they are, this new marketing idea gives you the biggest range. Be one of the first businesses to use restaurants, bars and hotels as a perfect space for advertisement and raise your sales with our Loopys as an advertising feature. Take advantage of the sales network of our partner the Inovisco Mobile Media AG that takes care of contacting the gastronomes and reach relaxed your target audience in Germany! Want to give it a try? Simply contact us and we will forward you to our cooperation partner.

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